Pokemon Go players believe Hisuian Decidueye might be the Superb-Owl

Lucas Simons
Hisuian Decidueye in the SuperbowlThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go players all over the world are facing Hisuian Decidueye Raids, but some fans have discovered that this Pokemon might have become the “Superb-Owl” meme unintentionally.

For Pokemon Go players, this Timeless Travels season has come full of surprises, including the debut of Hisuian Decidueye on its Raid Day. Fans have also noticed that the timing of the event coincidentally matches with Superbowl Sunday, so, a group of players came up with a curious theory.

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Superbowls and Raid Days have two things in common: they are always on Sundays and are huge events. So it is no surprise that fans of Pokemon and Football believe that Niantic might have made Hisuian Decidueye’s debut coincide with this other big event with a purpose in mind.

Pokemon Go fans believe that Hisuian Decidueye has now become the “Superb-Owl” meme while debating whether this was intentional: “They made the Hisuian Raid Day coincide with the Superbowl. Genius.”

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This was posted in the Pokemon Go subreddit by user ‘Phil_Bond’: “Tomorrow’s raid day is maybe Niantic’s best joke ever, and I haven’t seen a single person mention it yet.” And then added: “Someone over there is a mad genius.”

Meanwhile, another Redditor believed that this was no mere coincidence and stated: “Not the 1st time they did such a thing. Rufflet spotlight hour on the 4th July last year. Rufflet’s evolution is Braviary.”

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The infamous history of the “Superb-Owl” dues its existence to a spelling error, and ever since this popular internet story has become viral, it has always been associated with the Superbowl Event.

As one of the people explaining on the post said: “Superb Owl Sunday is an old, old annual joke, started by people who get sick of hearing about the Super Bowl. People share beautiful photos of owls and they pretend that’s what everyone’s talking about.”

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Surprised by this coincidence (or not) players have gathered to praise Niantic for its timing: “If this was intentional then I really gotta tip my hat to them.”

So there you have it. Hisuian Decidueye might have become the Superb Owl, unintentionally or not. And if you want to know more about Pokemon, here’s what this fan did to honor the anime, and here’s what the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are complaining about.

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