Pokemon Go players relieved to finally complete six-year-old Mew Research quest

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go mythical discovery mew research task magikarp and gyarados

With the Lunar New Year 2024 event in Pokemon Go, players who couldn’t complete the ‘A Mythical Discovery’ Research for shiny Mew can easily finish one of the quest’s most grueling tasks.

The first-ever Special Research in Pokemon Go, titled ‘A Mythical Discovery‘ was introduced way back in 2019 and lets fans take on a long and tedious quest to be rewarded an encounter with shiny Mew, arguably the most popular Mythical Pokemon.

While most players have completed it, several returning trainers are stuck in perhaps the toughest task in the quest, evolving a Magikarp to Gyarados by collecting a whopping 400 Candy!

But what would have taken ages to complete, can now be done within a day in the Lunar New Year 2024 event, as pointed out by a Reddit user named ‘visual_hazard’ in a post captioned with: “POV: You’re a returning player who never completed ‘A Mythical Discovery’ research and thought the ‘Evolve a Magikarp’ task was going to take another 2 years.”

Many returning Pokemon Go players were relieved to get the task off their list, as one trainer commented: “I’ve been waiting SO LONG but I was able to evolve a Karp the other day and I finally got my Mew!”

A player wrote: “With this dragon event, I was able to get all the candy I needed in 1 hour using pinap berries, so I’m very grateful I no longer have to spend months walking a Magikarp!” specifying how quick they were able to evolve the popular Gen 1 Mon.

Users stressed: “PINAP ON EVERY ONE,” as these Berries give you twice as much Candy from each catch, helping you collect 400 Candy quickly.

To this, another added: “I’ve been back for two days. Haven’t played for six years. Finished Gyarados in like 90 minutes lol.”

pokemon go gen 1 water-type species magikarp
Magikarp may be a weak Pokemon but its evolution Gyarados is extremely powerful.

Since getting a Gyarados requires a lot of grinding and the event runs until February 11, 2024, many fans are holding on to the evolution for a special reason.

“I really want a shiny now and I’m holding out for that,” a trainer mentioned before another chipped in with: “This event gives me hope, and hoping maybe I can get a shiny (always wanted one).”

You should note that Magikarp was the first shiny introduced in Pokemon Go, and its golden color is a huge hit among the community.

The Lunar New Year 2024 event also features some rare dragons, so check out how to get Jangmo-o and Goomy in Pokemon Go.

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