Pokemon Go players demand “long overdue” Gym revamp to fix battles & rewards

Niladri Sarkar
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Gyms have been a part of Pokemon Go right from the beginning of the game but fans are now demanding some long-awaited changes to the current Pokemon Go Gym rules.

The Pokemon Go community can place their Pokemon in Gyms and earn free PokeCoins if they are able to defend the Gym for a certain amount of time.

To ensure that Pokemon stay for a long time in the Gym, players have to feed them Berries to restore their health and this process gets easier if the Gym Defender is a strong species.

Now, five years after the first major Gym rework in 2017, fans are desperate to see some new changes in the current system as the old rules seem to be “silly” at this point.

Pokemon Go players want changes to Gym lineup & PokeCoin limit

When user ‘Amateuryogi2’ asked: “Is it time to rethink the ‘no legendaries in gyms’ rule?” in a Reddit post, several users from the Pokemon Go community agreed with the OP and shared their thoughts in the comments section.

As per the current Pokemon Go Gym rules, you cannot place a Legendary species as a part of a Gym lineup and fans are eager to see this rule get scrapped from the game.

“Absolutely yes. I have basically completely stopped fighting gyms because I am so sick of fighting Blissey>Dragonite>Snorlax>Chansey>Metagross>Salamence.”

In fact, some even prefer a Legendary over a normal species as one user put it, “Legendary Pokemon aren’t even challenging to remove. I’d rather have to beat a Moltres and Entei and whatever than a 2900 CP Blissey.”

Others were all in for the idea and even suggested how to go about it.

Their comments included: “The person who officially took over the Gym should be able to place a Legendary,” and: “I’d also add a one legendary placement per player limit across all the gym.”

pokemon go gym defender melmetal
Funnily enough, Melmetal is a Mythical Pokemon and it is allowed to defend Gyms in the game.

The desired changes in the system were not limited to the addition of Legendary Pokemon alone as many also wanted updates to the capped limit of PokeCoins.

Currently, you can only get 50 PokeCoins once your Gym defender has been knocked out of the Gym after at least eight hours and twenty minutes.

One player said, “You should be able to go over the cap depending on if your Pokemon was in the Gym for a long time. 7 days in the Gym, you get 100 coins, a month you get 250 and a year you get 750.”

Bringing Legendaries to Pokemon Go Gyms and updating the PokeCoins gained could be a good move as they could possibly bring a new lease of life into the “boring” Gym system.

While these changes may or may not happen, you can meanwhile check out the latest disguises of Ditto and the rarest species in Pokemon Go.

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