Pokemon Go players accuse Niantic of ignoring Adventure Sync issues

Ezequiel Leis
Pokemon Go player hiking

Trainers have been reporting problems with the Adventure Sync feature in Pokemon Go for months, but developer Niantic seems to be “gaslighting the community” according to players.

Pokemon Go players have the chance to activate the Adventure Sync feature to keep tracking their walk distance when the game closes. This is very useful for hatching Eggs and earning Candy by simply going out for a stroll. This also lets players redeem rewards at the beginning of a new week, with different tiers depending on how much distance they’ve walked.

Unfortunately, many Pokemon Go players have been experiencing issues with Adventure Sync for the last couple of months. While some reported that Adventure Sync only registers a portion of the distance they walked, many others can’t use the feature at all.

Pokemon Go players slam Niantic over broken Adventure Sync feature

Many Pokemon Go players have reported Adventure Sync issues in the last couple of weeks with no response from game developer Niantic. While the Niantic Support team shares information and tackles different problems the game experiences, there has been no mention of Adventure Sync on official accounts.

That’s why Reddit user stankyjanky69 posted a recent poll that shows that many players are having trouble with Adventure Sync. The poll reached only a few hundred users at first, but many more decided to share their experiences in the comments.

The poll shows that 87.6% of the participating users are experiencing issues with Adventure Sync. Almost half of those players stated that Adventure Sync only tracks a tiny portion of the whole progress, while 26.2% revealed the feature is completely broken for them.

The poll also shows that users have been experiencing issues since December 2022 or earlier. Most of them tie their problems to April 2023, when the Remote Raid Pass nerf came into effect.

The poll also asks Pokemon Go players if they tried to fix the issues with the official Adventure Sync Troubleshoot, but it seems Niantic’s recommendations aren’t working in this case.

Trainers can enter the Reddit post and access a Google Form to add their data to the poll. Some fans think this might show Niantic that this is a pressing matter for a lot of the player base. However, others don’t have their hopes up. “Niantic is the top company when it comes to ignoring players and pretending like there are no problems,” stated one Reddit user.

We’ll keep you updated on this subject if there’s anything new to report.

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