Pokemon Go player finds most “useless” perfect Pokemon in existence

Lucas Simons
Angry Ash

Many players are enjoying the current season of Pokemon Go, Timeless Travels. And while they explore, they often find themselves a perfect (Hundo) Pokemon. But what happens when that perfect Pokemon ends up being the most useless one? Here’s what the community says about those rare cases.

Pokemon Go trainers are all about finding the rarest specimens or the strongest ones to tackle the PvP content in the game. And while the Timeless Travels season has brought a lot of new content, it also offers more chances to get those rare perfect Pokemon that players are constantly seeking.

Hundos (perfect Pokemon) are bound to appear only if the RNG system of the game blesses the lucky trainers that happen to pass by and pick up the correct spawn. And some Hundos are even harder to get than most.

But what happens if the perfect Pokemon you catch ends up being a total waste of time? Here’s what a Pokemon Go player said about capturing what they consider “the most useless Perfect Pokemon in existence.”

Perfect Ditto
This ditto caught by the Reddit user had perfect stats, but no use whatsoever.

Reddit user ‘LikeARollinScone’ shared a post on Reddit to mock their luck, and said: “The most useless 4* in existence surely.” The community quickly responded, talking about a lot of other perfect but useless Pokemon in their collections.

One of them mentioned: “4* male Combee.” And another Pokemon Go player answered: “And Salandit.” Reddit user ‘L50 Valor’ responded: “I think that still wins a fight with my 4* Shedinja without even having to know the level of either.” And this might be truly a list of the top 3 most useless Pokemon.

Salandit evolves into Salassle only if it’s a female, while Combee only evolves into Vespiqueen if its female. Shedinja, on the other hand, is considered a useless Pokemon since it has only 1 HP and has not enough mechanics to be considered a viable pick in Pokemon Go.

But Ditto is not such a useless species as Pokemon Go players think. If you have other Pokemon games available, you can transfer it through Pokemon Home and use it to breed other Pokemon, as one of the users suggested: “Throw it in Pokemon Home, use it for breeding. Must be a 5 IV Ditto Guaranteed.”

If you happen to be looking for Ditto yourself, here’s every Disguise they can use right now. And if you are wondering what is ahead in Pokemon Go, take a look at this guide for the upcoming Winter Holiday Event.

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