Pokemon Go player finally completes the game only to receive “worst possible” reward

Lucas Simons
Sad Ash and Pikachu

Players will frequently receive rewards upon completing certain tasks in Pokemon Go, but the main Special Research quests are the ones that yield the best prizes. However, this player completed the final Special Research, and thus, the game, only to receive the worst reward.

Trainers are always grinding for levels in Pokemon Go, trying to reach the milestones required to participate in the Special Research that grants them access to many rewards. Even now, during the Timeless Travels season, players are struggling to reach the new level capstone.

But what happens when the final reward, for the final Special Research ends up being a total waste of time? Here’s what happened with a Pokemon Go player, who effectively ‘completed Pokemon Go’, only to receive a slap on the face.

This happened to Reddit user ‘9DAN2,’ who shared its feat with the community, and also, its poor luck with the RNG-based reward system of the game.

9DAN2 posted this in the Pokemon Go subreddit, and said: “Yesterday, I finished the level 50 Special Research and effectively ‘completed Pokémon Go’. My reward, the worst possible IV Mewtwo.”

Players quickly empathized with 9DAN2’s suffering. One of them said: “They should at least give you a shiny.” And another player also added: “It’s the biggest accomplishment in the game so far. You should get something amazing.” While user ‘Marc_Quill’ also suggested: “Either a guaranteed shiny or guaranteed great to perfect IV.”

Some users also complained about the game’s unfair RNG system, which led to these rewards being somewhat disappointing. One of them pointed out: “It’s all in the RNG. Sadly, these games are like gachas. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you waste your time grinding.”

Ultimately, 9DAN2 invested a lot of time and effort in Pokemon Go, and even if the 100,000 Stardust, the 10 Large Rare Candy, and the Avatar Pose were meager rewards for the completion of the final Special Research, they seem great in comparison to an encounter with a regular Mewtwo.

If you are trying to reach the maximum level, we suggest you consult our Raid Schedule guide, as they are a consistent way to level up. And if you are thinking about participating in the next great event, here’s all you need to know about the Winter Holiday Event in Pokemon Go.

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