Pokemon Go Rhyhorn Spotlight Hour: Start date & time, bonuses & can it be shiny?

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Rhyhorn headlines the third Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour of July 2023! Players are keen on knowing the event’s bonuses and the availability of shiny Rhyhorn, so here’s everything you need to know.

Pokemon Go players eagerly look forward to enjoying Spotlight Hour every Tuesday. This event sets the stage for celebrating a particular Pokemon, which spawns in huge numbers for one hour.

After Rufflet and Wailmer, July presents the popular Rhyhorn in the third Spotlight Hour of the month in Pokemon Go. Rhyhorn is not exactly a rare spawn in the game, but players are always looking to catch Rhyhorn and evolve it to its final form. So, the Pokemon Go Rhyhorn Spotlight Hour event is the perfect opportunity for players to collect Rhyhorn Candy and evolve it. That’s not all because players want to know about the availability of shiny Rhyhorn in Pokemon Go.

So here’s every detail about the Pokemon Go Rhyhorn Spotlight Hour.

Pokemon Go Rhyhorn Spotlight Hour date & time

Pokemon Go Rhyhorn Spotlight Hour will be held on Tuesday, 18 July 2023 from 6 PM to 7 PM local time.

So no matter what part of the world you are in, you can enjoy the event during this one hour.

Pokemon Go Rhyhorn Spotlight Hour bonus

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Rhyhorn mindlessly charges at its opponents in battle.

Pokemon Go players will be able to enjoy 2x Catch Candy as a bonus for catching Rhyhorn or any other Pokemon during the Spotlight Hour.

We recommend using Pinap Berries to get extra Candy each time you catch a Pokemon. The bonus from the event along with the use of Pinap Berries would help you get the required Candy very quickly.

Is shiny Rhyhorn available in Pokemon Go?

Yes, shiny Rhyhorn is available in Pokemon Go.

While shiny Pokemon are some of the rarest species in Pokemon Go but in an event like Spotlight Hour, players would find it easier to find a shiny Pokemon from the large number of spawns. The shiny Rhyhorn odds in Pokemon Go is the base shiny rate of 1 in 500, or 0.2% chance.

How to prepare for Pokemon Go Rhyhorn Spotlight Hour

Players need to be well-prepared for a Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour as it lasts for only an hour. Here are some helpful tips for this event:

  1. Use PokeCoins to purchase Incense and enjoy a higher frequency of spawns during the Spotlight Hour.
  2. Make sure that you have enough space in your Pokemon Storage Box to catch as many Rhyhorn as possible.
  3. Store more Poke Balls to catch large numbers of Rhyhorn.
  4. Use Pinap Berries for every catch to gather more Candy during the event.

Pokemon Go Rhyhorn evolution

Rhyhorn evolves into Rhydon with 25 Candy. Rhydon then evolves into Rhyperior with 100 Candy and a Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go.

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Sinnoh Stone is one of the most prized items in Pokemon Go.

Here’s how you can obtain the Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go:

  1. Earning a seven-day Research Breakthrough from Field Research.
  2. Defeating a Team Go Rocket Leader or Giovanni.
  3. Winning PvP battles against other players.
  4. Getting a Mystery Item in the Go Battle League.

Sinnoh Stone is one of the possible rewards and is not guaranteed. So players should do the above tasks as much as they can to have Sinnoh Stones to help evolve Rhyhorn all the way to Rhyperior in Pokemon Go.

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