How to farm Flame, Ice & Electric Organs in Palworld

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Palworld Organ Farm

Organs in Palworld are some of the most sought-after materials, and to get Flame, Ice, and Electric Organs, players need to grind a lot. To help, we’ll be running you through the best ways to farm Flame, Ice, and Electric Organs in Palworld, including the best spots, tips, and Pals to use.

In Palworld, the crafting system is quite complex, and finding all the required materials, or even the proper Pals for the job, can be annoying. Organs are one of the most used materials for crafting, but getting your hands on them can be a pain.

Don’t worry, as we have built a full guide on how to farm each Organ type, Flame, Ice, and Electric, so you can stock up on those precious materials real quick.

So, as promised, here are the best ways to Farm Flame, Ice, and Electric Organs in Palworld, including hotspots, farming zones, and more.

Best ways to farm Flame Organs in Palworld

Flame Organs are the easiest to farm in Palworld since you can utilize defeating Foxparks. Simply find the second Teleport Point in the Grassy Behemot Hills at coordinates 172, -471, and you should be good to go.

Flame Organ Farming Palworld
Farming Flame Organs will be no challenge for most players.

You’ll find plenty of Foxparks roaming around the church area by dusk and night. They can be easily spotted from a long distance due to their permanent orange glow.

The second and best option you can use to farm Flame Organs is to get yourself a Flambelle, which often hatches from Small Fire Eggs. Flambelle can produce Flame Organs periodically on the ranch. You can even leave it producing them while you farm the other types of Organs.

Best ways to farm Ice Organs in Palworld

The second easiest to farm is the Ice Organ, and you can get loads of it in Palworld by farming the Penking Boss encounter located at coordinates 110 -353. Go by night and enter the dungeon, and you’ll find a Penking and three Pengullet sleeping.

Ice Organ Farming Palworld
Farming the Penking Boss encounter will yield lots of Ice Organs.

But don’t attack Penking, snipe with a crossbow, or bow each Pengullet, you should be able to one-shot them with a sneak attack. Collect the Ice Organs and Pal Fluids (another precious resource), and then exit the dungeon without waking or killing the Boss.

Enter again, and the Pengullets are now respawned. Repeat the process as many times as you need until you have enough organs.

Best ways to farm Electric Organs in Palworld

Now to farm Electric Organs in Palworld, you must go to either one of these two locations. Start at coordinates 106, -461, by hunting Sparkit until they drop enough Electric Organs. Then go to coordinates 62 -417 (Desolate Church area). You can teleport there or fly using a mount.

By dusk, you will find three to four groups of two Sparkits running around the trees. The rest of the day, and by night, you might encounter fewer groups, so keep that in mind.

Electric Organ Farm Palworld
Hunting Sparkit is the most efficient way to farm Electric Organs.

It is also possible to farm a lot of Electric Organs by hunting Univolt at coordinates -291, -185, in the Cove Mineshaft area, between the Azurobe Hill and Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon Fast Travel points. But Univolt is also quite challenging, and it is faster for low-level players to farm smaller prey.

And those are the best ways to farm Flame, Ice, and Electric Organs in Palworld. For more tips and useful info on Pocketpair’s survival monster collector game, you can also check these:

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