Palworld players beg devs to spice up “boring” dungeons

Aryan Singh
Wumpo in a dungeon in Palworld

Palworld fleshes out its open-world exploration by spawning dungeons players can take on. These locations are populated with enemies and offer rewards for players’ efforts. However, some players on Reddit feel that Palworld’s dungeons fall short in certain areas.

It’s no secret that Palworld borrows heavily from Pokemon games, as evidenced by its emphasis on capturing Pals and using them for battle. But the title also takes a page out of games like Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Elden Ring by integrating dungeons into its open world.

These locations serve as points of interest players can come across while exploring the Palpagos Islands. In terms of design, they’re mostly like caverns embedded in the exterior of hills and mountains, and heading inside a dungeon leads to combat encounters against Pals or Syndicate bandits.

If players manage to make it all the way down, they’re greeted by Alpha bosses that are exclusive to dungeons. These unique creatures usually put up a tough fight, and for defeating them, Palworld rewards players with chests and items like Ancient Civilization Parts.

Palworld Dungeon Chests
Dungeon Chests are a reliable way to stock up on Accessories.

To make dungeons less predictable, the game randomly shifts them to different points in the open world. However, this doesn’t stop them from feeling “repetitive” and “boring” according to players on Reddit.

A discussion surrounding Palworld‘s dungeons broke out following a post by user ‘Kookookahchoo.’ The user described the dungeons as “lackluster” and stated, “I don’t know if anyone feels the same, but to me it feels like the dungeons are missing a lot of content. Like, you spend so much time exploring the cave by the Small Settlement, but there is just about nothing in there.”

They also recommended new additions to make these locations feel more worthwhile, “I think the dungeon could be made more fun if there were things to forage like the mushrooms in the dungeon could be picked up and then used for something.”

Users in the comments seemed to agree with the OP, with one player saying, “Once you get good at the dungeons you can zip through them rather quickly. And yea, they are rather dull.”

Another user said, “I would like them to be somewhat fun to explore and discover. As of right now, they are pretty plain and boring yes, but again, unfinished game and all.”

The general consensus appeared to be that dungeons in Palworld could use a rework. While most players appreciated the concept, they called for a bit more variety in terms of design, and perhaps the inclusion of puzzles and mazes.

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