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Huge Dragon Egg Palworld

Hatching Eggs in Palworld is one of the best ways to get rare and late-game Pals without having to fight, and the Huge Dragon Eggs are your ticket to getting a lot of powerful Dragon-type Pals. So here’s where to get the Huge Dragon Egg in Palworld.

Palworld has a massive world to explore in the company of your Pals, but when you need to go from one place to the other with safety, you need to take a strong team with you. And Dragon-type Pals are far superior to most of the other types you’ll find around.

For players that want to breed the best of the best, Dragon Eggs are the top-notch of the menu, and since they also come in various sizes, why not go big? The Huge Dragon Egg is the best Egg to breed if you want a powerful Dragon-type Pal, but finding it can be tricky.

So here’s how to get the Huge Dragon Egg in Palworld, including their locations, and other details.

How to find Huge Dragon Eggs in Palworld

To find Huge Dragon Eggs in Palworld, players need to travel to dangerously high-level areas (25+) and explore the edges of cliffs, especially in the Mount Obsidian, Desert, and Snowy Mountain areas of the Palpagos Islands.

Huge Dragon Eggs will have a distinctive size and a purple with black stripes pattern with a starry finish, so recognizing them even in the distance will be no problem at all. It is especially easy to spot them in snowy Areas, but will spawn more frequently in volcanic and desert areas.

Huge Dragon Egg Palworld
Huge Dragon Eggs rarely are found in the initial areas, go to high or medium-level zones to spot them.

Huge Dragon Eggs weigh 50 units, so make sure you have enough carry weight available before you pick them up, or you will end up stuck due to being overweight.

What Pals hatch from Huge Dragon Eggs in Palworld?

Huge Dragon Eggs in Palworld take one hour and a half in-game time to hatch. Putting them in Incubators to hatch them will result in some of the best pals in the game hatching from them. Here’s a list of all the Pals emerging from Huge Dragon Eggs:

  • Jormuntide (10 % chance)
  • Jormuntide Ignis (5 % chance)
  • Elphidram (10 % chance)
  • Relaxaurus (10 % chance)
  • Relaxaurus Lux (10 % chance)
  • Quivern (10 % chance)
  • Azurobe (10 % chance)
Relaxaurus & Relaxaurus Lux
Relaxaurus & Relaxaurus Lux are the most commonly obtained Pals from Huge Dragon Eggs.

Keep in mind that the hatching process can be accelerated if your incubators are placed near heat sources (such as torches, Ovens, etc.).

And that’s all you need to know about Huge Dragon Eggs in Palworld and where to find them. For more Palworld content and pro tips, you can visit our guide section below:

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