Palworld player discovers Pokemon for first time & they’re blown away

Luca Di Marzo
Palworld Anubis

Palworld has attracted many Pokemon fans during its record-breaking launch, but one player was shocked at what they discovered when they made their way to Scarlet and Violet.

Palworld has taken the world by storm with an incredible start to 2024 following its seemingly under-the-radar launch. From the get-go, Palworld arrived with its own controversy as players flocked to point out the similarities between the new game and the Pokemon franchise.

Due to the similar mechanics and features of catching, collecting, and battling colorful creatures, hordes of Pokemon fans have rushed to Palworld to see what the hype is about. However, the game’s early success has attracted those who aren’t familiar with the Pokemon franchise as well.

In a strange reversal of roles, a Palworld player made their way to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for the first time and was shocked by what they discovered. The player took to Reddit to claim that Scarlet and Violet is “way better than it was made out to be.”

The OP explains that after “playing Palworld and realizing Pokemon exists,” they decided to jump into the series’ latest with Scarlet and Violet. They continue to praise the game’s “heart of gold,” and claim that despite its flaws, it’s “the best current gen Pokemon game ever made.”

The post highlights the improvements from its predecessor Sword and Shield: “The story and characters are way better, the location, pokemon, open world has been drastically revamped compared to SWSH that it’s a wholly new game rather than another iteration and I’d say even a bigger leap from SWSH than it was to S/M.”

While Palworld has been praised for its ability to take the Pokemon formula and provide a new unique experience, players in the comments of the above post agree that Scarlet and Violet are just as entertaining.

One player said: “These are fantastic games with clear flaws but it doesn’t make them less fun. It can only get better in regard to open world gameplay.”

Others admitted that Pokemon S&V has visual issues, but still delivers a worthwhile experience: “Despite its flaws, Paldea was amazing.”

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