Palworld: Best Kindling Pals & Passive Skills

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Best Kindling Pals Palworld

Kindling is one of the most important crafting activities in Palworld, and to make the best out of your precious resources, here are the best Kindling Pals to help you refine and craft food in Palworld.

In Palworld, players need Pals with Kindling work suitability to craft all things related to fire. Be it food, coal, or refined Iron, players must have the best Pals at their forges. Kindling Pals are the most suited for that fiery task, and here we are going to analyze which are the best to help you craft resources.

This guide will help you decide which are the best Pals for Kindling in Palworld, with detailed info on how to get them, what are their skills, and how to maximize your Kindling productions by taking advantage of the best Passive Skills.

Here are the best mining Pals in Palworld, including their location, stats, and more.

Best Kindling Pals in Palworld

To find the best Kindling Pals in Palworld, players need to keep in mind that Kindling is a job that involves three different activities: lighting fires, cooking food, and forging/smelting items. The SAN (Sanity) stat of Kindling Pals should be always at its best, otherwise, their productivity will drop.

All Kindling Pals belong to the Fire Elemental Group, and that reduces the options. But don’t worry, here’s a list of the best Pals for Kindling in Palworld, which have high stats and are suitable for all fire-related jobs.


The best Pal for Kindling in Palworld, is Suzaku. This firebird Pal has a Lv. 3 work suitability in Kindling, and only that, which makes it focus on the sole task of Kindling.

Its working speed is at 100 (which is the maximum for that stat) but its food consumption is a little high, almost at maximum. But this is compensated by the fact that this Pal is active the Whole Day.

You can find Suzaku at the Salt Tear Desert on the Northeastern side of the Palpagos Islands map, roaming around the whole section of the map. You can also get Suzaku by breeding Cryolinx and Blazamut.

Suzaku Palworld
Suzaku is the best Kindling Pal you can find in the late game as it will only dedicate its time to that job.


Close behind is Wixen, another good option for Kindling in Palworld that has Lv. 2 work suitability in Kindling, Handiwork Lv. 3, and Transporting Lv. 2, which is a great combo. Also, this Pal is active the Whole Day.

Another good quality of this Pal is that its SAN bar consumption is really low, but beware, this changes if you release it in base alongside Katress, as they hate each other, and this is a hidden mechanic that causes the SAN bar of these Pals to drop constantly.

You can get Wixen at a relatively low level (15-18) at coordinates 350, 0, roaming around the Volcanic Rift area, or you can Breed by crossing Cattiva and Celaray, two low-level Pals you can find almost anywhere.

Wixen Palworld
Wixen and Katress don’t see eye to eye, avoid putting them together in your base.


Bushi is another Kindling Pal in Palworld that excels at various tasks, which can often divert its attention. But what makes this Pal exceptional is its ability to focus for longer periods than most Kindling Pals. Once this Pal starts a Kindling job, it will stay until it finishes, or dies in the attempt (quite literally, so pay attention to its SAN bar).

This Pal has the following work suitability: Kindling Lvl. 2, Handiwork Lvl. 1, Gathering Lvl. 1, Lumbering Lvl. 3, and Transporting Lvl. 2. With this diverse array of skills, it is no wonder that Bushi is one of the most versatile Pals you’ll find.

You can get Bushi as a Boss Pal (Level 23) at coordinates -108, -494, south of the Realm of the Swordsman’s Teleport.

Bushi Palworld
Bushi is a great Kindling Pal, but control its Sanity or he will become unable to work.


Arsox might be one of the best options for Kindling in Palworld, but, as with Bushi, its SAN bar drops fast when focused on Kindling, so you must make sure not to overwork it. This Pal also has work suitability of Kindling Lv. 2, and Lumbering Lv. 1.

The working speed of this Pal is slightly above the average (90) and is also active during the Whole Day. Arsox has an average food consumption rate, which is good to avoid depleting your resources.

You can find Arsox roaming around in groups of two or more at the Volcanic Rift area, in the coordinates 365 – 9. Just make sure to bring Mega Spheres, as this Pal is around level 15-20, and cannot be caught with inferior-quality spheres.

Arsox Palworld
Arsox is one of the best in Kindling, and works intensely too.


Incineram is one of the low-level mid-tier options for Kindling in Palworld, and his work suitability makes it one of the best for several crucial tasks at your base. Its working speed is set at a maximum (100), it works during the Whole Day, and has the following work suitability: Kindling Lv. 1, Handiwork Lv. 2, Transporting Lv. 2, and Mining Lv. 1.

Though its Kindling suitability is not so high, this Pal compensates with a low decrease rate on its SAN bar, can be caught at low-level invasions on your base, and can also hatch from Small Fire Eggs, so obtaining it early might be the best option when crafting your crafting base.

It is also a fierce combatant and one of the best options for Base Defense, so in case you need to repel an invasion, Incineram will be always up to the task.

Incineram Palworld
Incineram might be the best option for kindling at lower tiers.

Best Passive Skills for Kindling Pals in Palworld

Here’s a list of the best Passive Skills for Kindling in Palworld, including which stats they boost:

  • Artisan: Work speed +50%
  • Conceited: Work Speed +10%, Defense -10%
  • Lucky: Work speed +15%, Attack 15%
  • Positive Thinker: SAN drops 10 % slower.
  • Workaholic: SAN drops 15% slower.
  • Diet Lover: Hunger levels increase 15% slower.

And that’s all you need to know about Kindling Pals in Palworld. For more information on Pocketpair’s survival monster collector, here’s a list of guides you might find useful:

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