Is Palworld crossplay? Cross-platform status explained

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Palworld is already available on Early Access on various platforms, and many players are wondering whether it has crossplay or not. Here’s what we know.

Palworld‘s Early Access is already climbing the charts, with more and more players jumping into this action-packed open-world monster collector game. One particular thing about Palworld is that it offers an interesting mixture of survival, third-person shooter, and creature breeding.

This game sure has a lot of interesting features, including base building, monster breeding, raiding, cooperative action, boss fights, and more. So, players might be wondering if all these can be done across platforms.

So here’s all you need to know about Palworld’s crossplay and cross-platform features.

Palworld Crossplay
Palworld will offer cooperative online play and single-player experiences.

Is Palworld crossplay & cross-platform?

Yes, Palworld offers crossplay between PC and Xbox, only for the Xbox Games platform users. Steam users and Xbox users cannot enjoy the crossplay features for the moment.

Meanwhile, Palworld devs, Pocket Pair, have confirmed that cross-platform services will be implemented in the future and will try to make the crossplay and cross-platform features available as soon as possible.

Sadly, there’s no confirmed date when this will be implemented. We will check regularly in case more information comes to light, and we will update this post accordingly to let you know as soon as these services are enabled.

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