How many people can play Palworld co-op? Xbox & Steam multiplayer explained

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Palworld has taken the gaming world by storm and is currently available to play on Xbox and Steam. Each platform handles co-op lobbies differently, so here is your comprehensive guide to Xbox and Steam multiplayer. 

Palworld players are able to play co-op, which makes the game a little more fun with friends. Some platforms handle it differently, though, and that can get confusing for your dedicated servers.

Palworld has remained the most played game on Steam, and for good reason. Xbox and Steam both have different capabilities for handling co-op numbers at the moment, and Steam is rising to the top. This guide will take you through how many people can play co-op on Steam and Xbox. 

How many people can play Palworld co-op on Steam?

Palworld players are currently able to set up dedicated servers in Steam that can handle 32 players at a time

Palworld has a four player co-op ready to go when you launch the game. However, if you want more friends to join, you are able to create dedicated servers that can handle up to 32 players at a time. 

If you want to join in on the multiplayer fun, all you need to do is launch Palworld and invite up to three friends. If you want to host your own server, though, there is a little more to it. If you don’t feel like going through the motions of setting up a server then Pocket Pair have official servers that you can join.

Pals shooting guns in Palworld
Palworld players can play with 32 players in dedicated Steam servers

To create a dedicated server on Steam, click on the ‘Games and Software’ menu. This will drop down and give you a bunch of options, and you should make sure that the ‘Tools’ box is ticked. Once you have done so, the Palworld Dedicated Server tool should show up in your library. 

Before you launch the game, make sure to configure your server settings. To do so, right click on the Palworld Dedicated Server, go manage and then click on ‘Browse Local Files.’ This will take you to the game files where you can tweak your settings.

How many people can play Palworld multiplayer on Xbox?

Palworld players can currently only play multiplayer on Xbox, making it capable of hosting 2-4 players at a time

Unfortunately, Xbox does not have dedicated server capabilities just yet. As a result, players are not able to play with more than four players in a game at a given time. There is also no crossplay between Xbox and Steam. 

Pocket Pair devs have said that they are working on a solution for players to be able to join their friends on Steam, but there are no set plans yet. 

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