How to remove wanted status in Palworld

Souhardya Choudhury
Palworld character and Pal fighting side by side

Constantly being a law-abiding citizen in Palworld might not be everyone’s cup of tea as the PIDF will chase you relentlessly if you commit any crimes. However, there are certain methods to remove your wanted status, so here’s how to do it in Palworld.

Palworld seems to be the name on everyone’s lips as the game quickly rose to popularity after its release on January 19. Being a Minecraft and Pokemon-inspired survival sandbox, the game has attracted a massive chunk of both communities.

Although catching Pals and fighting powerful creatures are some of the biggest aspects of the game, roaming around too freely and not caring about the law might stir up some trouble in Palworld. As a result, you might even be chased by the PIDF Officers during your expeditions.

You can prevent this by removing your wanted status, so here’s how to do it in Palworld.

Best ways to remove your wanted status in Palworld

There are several ways to remove the wanted status from your character in Palworld. Keep in mind that removing the status is a crucial step, otherwise, the PIDF will keep chasing you as long as you are traveling outside of your base.

Here are the methods you can use to remove the wanted status:

Run from the PIDF & hide

This is the most basic step during any PIDF chase in Palworld and one of the first solutions that come to mind. However, hiding and running can literally take forever, and yes, literally! So if you are patient enough and want no more blood on your hands, have a go at running away until your wanted status goes down.

Palworld PIDF fight
Fighting the PIDF is no easy task in Palworld.

It is quite time-consuming and requires plenty of patience, as you will have to look for hiding spots and cut corners until you’re out of sight and the wanted status disappears gradually.

Kill the PIDF Officer

If you are fed up with being passive and non-violent, go ahead and try to kill the PIDF in Palworld. Even though they are pretty strong opponents, it is not impossible to kill them by luring them into your base and asking for the help of your Pals, or simply making them engage with a powerful boss.

Let the PIDF kill you

A rather unpopular Palworld option, but letting the PIDF Officer kill you is a great way of solving the problem as quickly as possible. However, we would advise you to run close to your base and then die, as you will need to get back your loot as soon as possible.

Catch witnesses

Ever played Red Dead Redemption 2? The wanted system kind of works in the same way here in Palworld. Once a witness spots you committing a crime, don’t hesitate to take them out as well, as it will prevent the PIDF from even spawning, keeping your wanted status at zero.

These were all the methods you could use to remove your wanted status in Palworld. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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