Palworld: How to move and destroy structures

Souhardya Choudhury
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As you are building your base in Palworld, you might need to change the location of some structures in your base. Here’s how to move and destroy structures in Palworld.

Palworld is one of the biggest titles released this year as the sandbox has included a boatload of content in it for Pokemon and Minecraft lovers. With so much to do in the title, players have been leveling up and building their way through the various challenges.

Increasing your Pal collection and upgrading your base are some of the most important jobs in Palworld. As you are introducing new structures to your base by building them, you might sometimes need to move things around and make space for new ones.

Here’s how you can adjust your buildings by moving or destroying them in Palworld.

Can you move a structure in Palworld?

Unfortunately, there is no way to move a structure in Palworld. The only way to move a structure is by destroying it and rebuilding it.

Some players might find this to be an inconvenient feature, but the devs have added no way to adjust the location of your existing buildings in your base. Only time will time tell if they decide to add it in a future update.

A player at a ranch with several Pals.
You can’t move structures in Palworld, but can surely destroy them.

How to destroy structures in Palworld

You can use the Disassembly Mode to destroy structures in Palworld. Although you cannot move existing buildings in your base, you can definitely bring them all down and rebuild them at your desired location.

Simply head over to the structure you want to destroy and press C on your keyboard, or Right-Stick on your controller to enter Disassembly Mode and destroy it. Once you are done, you will get back all the items you used to craft that building.

Finally, move to your desired location and make the building again to have it back in your base. This was everything you had to know about moving and destroying structures in Palworld.

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