Palworld players call out most “annoying” Pals disrupting their base

Souhardya Choudhury
Jormuntide in Palworld

Palworld players have not held back against their least favorite Pals in the game, as most find it “annoying” to have to keep them in their bases.

Palworld has been one of the most successful and critically acclaimed titles to come out this year, competing against massive AAA titles in 2024. With its unique game design and Minecraft-inspired gameplay, many players have been attracted to it since its release back on January 19.

Although each and every Pal in the game serves a purpose that is useful for players, some of them just can’t get into their good books. Palworld players have picked out Jormuntide and Jormuntide Ignis as their least favorite Pals in the game to be kept in their bases.

Reddit user ‘Knight-in-Gale’ started this discussion as they claimed that Jormuntide and Jormuntide Ignis are the “most annoying Pals” in the entire game. The OP further mentioned how these Pals needed “constant babysitting” and got “stuck” on random structures in the base.

“Why are they always on top of things like the smelter? Trees? Statue? Hot Springs? THE PAL STATION!?” asked the OP as they claimed how they “bug out” whenever they are out of the front gate. They even clarified that they replaced them with Level 3 Pals for convenience in Palworld.

Jormuntide and Jormuntide Ignis are regarded as some of the most useful Pals for watering and smelting due to their Level 4 Watering and Kindling perks respectively. However, along with the OP, many others have found them to be annoying in Palworld.

“Yep I’ve resorted to just putting Jormuntide Ignis in my party and throwing it at the furnace/kitchen when I need to smelt or bake,” said a player, while others claimed how Ignis was “on top of” a Silos they placed in their new base.

“It’s a cat, if it exists, it sits on top,” claimed another player sarcastically about Jormuntide Ignis. Pocketpair has been quite attentive to community feedback these past few weeks and might release a patch that addresses this problem, as many want them to “drop the bigger=better mentality” in Palworld.

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