How to get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

Joseph Pascoulis
palworld character approaching cavePocket Pair

Struggling to find Ancient Civilization Parts, also known as Paldium Crystals, in Palworld? Here’s everything you need to know about finding these parts so that you can craft Ancient Technology.

Palworld players know that they’ll need to get familiar with its huge map to gather as many materials and resources to upgrade their base. One of the game’s key resources is Ancient Civilization Parts, as they can be used to craft Ancient Technology, including useful items such as the Egg Incubator and the Grappling Gun.

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Ancient Civilization Parts are also known as Paldium Crystals in Palworld for Xbox Game Pass and PC players. So if you are playing on those platforms, make sure to keep an eye out for Paldium Crystals in the overworld.

So, for those wondering how to get and farm Ancient Civilization Parts, here are all the details you’ll need.

Where to find Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

You can find Ancient Civilization Parts or Paldium Crystals in Palworld by defeating Alpha Pal Bosses, which are marked on the map with a little red icon. They can be found either wandering around the open world or contained within a dungeon you can enter.

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Alpha Pals are much larger than normal Pals and their names appear in red, making them easy to recognize. They also have a much bigger health pool, making them difficult, but worthwhile to kill since they provide you with Ancient Civilization Parts.

We recommend the Chillet Alpha Pal Boss in the Windswept Hills starting area. This boss is only level 11, so it’s a great place to start when you’re looking for Ancient Civilization Parts. It is also quite easy to farm this boss as it only has about 1000 HP.

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palworld map screenshotPocket Pair / Map Genie
Palworld’s map is full of Alpha Pals to defeat.

How to farm Paldium Crystals in Palworld

You can farm Ancient Civilization Parts by defeating the Alpha Pal Bosses found in dungeons, as they will respawn. Only the ones found in the dungeon caves will respawn, so mark or remember where to find these dungeons with Alpha Pal Bosses and you’ll be able to head back and defeat them for Ancient Civilization Parts every time they respawn.

Another great way of farming Paldium Crystals is by looting chests in Palworld that are Copper or higher in rarity. As you level up in the game, you will soon come across rare chests and those are the ones you should aim for getting Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld.

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Well, there you have it, that was how you can find and farm Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld. For more guides, make sure you check out:

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