How to use a Shield in Palworld

Anmol David
A Palworld player riding a Pal.

Shields are among the most important gear items in Palworld. However, with so much going on in the game, you may be wondering about how they work. So, here’s everything you need to know about using a shield in Palworld.

Palworld has a gigantic and expansive world that is filled with tons of beautiful sights and structures as well as creatures called Pals. You can make these Pals your allies or fight and eliminate them to get exclusive resources in the game.

However, some of the higher-level Pals and other enemies in the endgame areas of the Palworld map can be difficult to deal with, requiring you to carry strong gear like armor and shields. If you need help to defend yourself and figure out the inner workings of the latter, here’s how to use a shield in Palworld.

A common shield in a player's inventory in Palworld.
Shields are important gear items in Palworld.

How to make and use a shield in Palworld

In Palworld, you can make a starter shield on a Primitive Workbench. This is known as a Common Shield and serves as the most basic shield you can craft.

You’ll need to get crafting ingredients to make a Common shield, which includes Fiber, Wood, Stone, and Paldium Fragments. Other shields require rarer ingredients, like Ancient Civilization Parts and High-Quality Workbenches instead of Primitive Workbenches.

Once you’ve crafted your shield, you can equip it by pressing the “F” key on your keyboard or by manually dragging it into the Shield slot in your inventory. The latter is a great way to replace an older shield. Either way, you can now block incoming damage with a shield.

Palworld’s shields act like an energy shield in many ways, as they absorb damage and get depleted, but slowly regenerate as well. You can unlock the Common Shield at level 4, and the Hyper Shield at level 43. The latter currently serves as the strongest and most durable shield in the game.

List of all shields in Palworld

Here’s a list of all four shields you can get in Palworld, along with the level required for them:

Common ShieldLevel fourFiber (10)
Wood (20)
Stone (20)
Paldium Fragment (10)
Primitive Workbench 
Mega ShieldLevel 16Ancient Civilization Parts (5)
Paldium Fragment (30)
High-Quality Workbench 
Giga ShieldLevel 28Ancient Civilization Parts (15)
Paldium Fragment (50)
High-Quality Workbench 
Hyper ShieldLevel 43Ancient Civilization Parts (30)
Paldium Fragment (100)
High-Quality Workbench 

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