How to get Venom Glands in Palworld: Drops, recipes, more

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Venom Gland in Palworld.

From carpets to saddles to weapons, you can do a lot and more with Venom Glands. So here’s everything you need to know about Venom Gland in Palworld along with how you can get it and a list of recipes that uses it.

Palworld is a survival game that is filled with various resources such as Coal, Cement, Leather, and more. You are required to farm these resources, either by hand or by employing Pals at your base, in order to stay alive.

Surviving also includes taking down Pals and enemies and this is where Venom Gland comes in. This material when used right can help you get an advantage in battles.

So here’s all about Venom Gland in Palworld, where you can find it, and which recipes need it.

What is Venom Gland in Palworld

Venom Gland is one of the most basic crafting resources that you can farm or buy in the game. You can use Venom Glands to craft various poisonous items such as bows, arrows, gloves, and more. These weapons can be then used to gain an edge during a fight with Dark Element Pals.

How to get Venom Glands

There are mainly two ways to obtain Venom Gland:

Venom Glands from Pal drops

Hunting or capturing Dark-type Pals is the fastest and easiest way you can get Venom Gland in Palworld. Here’s a list of Pals that drop Venom Gland when defeated:

  • Cawgnito
  • Daedream
  • Depresso
  • Helzephyr
  • Killamari
  • Menasting

We suggest going after Daedream as they have better chances of dropping a lot of Venom Glands when compared to other Pals.

Buying Venom Glands from merchants

You can also get Venom Glands by buying them from merchants such as the one that visits your base in early game or the one on Forgotten Islands. Each Gland will cost you about 100 Gold Coins so make sure to have plenty in stock before you make the trade.

Here’s the location of the Wandering Merchant in Small Settlement from whom you can get Venom Glands.

Small Settlement location in Palworld Map.
Venom Gland can be sold for 10 Gold Coins.

Palworld Venom Gland recipes

Here are all the recipes that require Venom Gland:

  • Carpet Set – 1 Venom Gland
  • Poison Arrow – 1 Venom Gland
  • Poison Bow – 2 Venom Gland
  • Killamari’s Gloves – 5 Venom Glands
  • Poison Arrow Crossbow – 5 Venom Glands
  • Shadowbeak Saddle – 25 Venom Glands
  • Frostallion Noct Saddle – 60 Venom Glands

And that’s all about Venom Glands in Palworld. For more on the game, have a look at:

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