Overwatch 2 players slam “unkillable” Mauga for making matches boring

Emily Stander
Overwatch 2 tank Mauga on Samoa map

Overwatch 2 Hero Mauga became available in Competitive Play on December 19, and players have called out the new Tank for being “unkillable.” 

Mauga is the latest Overwatch 2 Hero to be released. He is the first Tank Hero to be released after Ramattra, and he has a different set of abilities from what we have seen in Overwatch so far. He does a lot of damage, helps his teammates heal, and has a ton of health himself to boot. 

As with any other new hero, Blizzard did not make Mauga available in Competitive Play for the first few weeks that he was available in-game. This is usually to give players time to get used to the new Hero and make sure everything is working properly before allowing them into the more serious mode. 

However, players have been slamming Mauga for making their matches boring, saying that he is “unkillable” and doesn’t allow a lot of space for other hero choices. 

‘LJIrvine’ posted on Reddit about this issue, saying: “I don’t think I’ve ever had less fun playing this game than right now. It’s like two unkillable Bastions in one hero. I’ve tried every tank into him and none of them do anything.”

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“I have my entire HP bar deleted instantly, and I watch the killcam every time thinking surely this guy did something crazy, but no he’s just standing there holding both triggers, barely moving his mouse,” the OP said. “Zero skill hero, no matter what I do, he can just stand in the middle of the open, never playing corners, just getting double healed and he will wipe the whole team.”

Overwatch 2 players flocked to the comments, giving their own opinions on the matter. Although some agreed with the OP, there were others who suggested using heroes that counter Mauga effectively. For example, Dva and Sigma who can eat his damage, or Ana who can throw an anti-nade on him – preventing any healing for a spell. 

Players are, overall, not happy with his balancing, though. As another fan put it: “Mauga is the perfect b******ization of the OW2 tank role and I hope he gets f****g plummeted to the ground for it.”

Although there still seems to be some division in whether or not players like Mauga, it’s clear that he is proving to be a struggle to play against. 

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