Overwatch 2 players actually wish Lootboxes weren’t removed

Joseph Pascoulis
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Overwatch 2’s move towards being free-to-play saw the removal of Lootboxes, sparking debate among the community about the dev’s decision.

Overwatch 2 has officially arrived as a free-to-play game, launching its first season with new Support Hero Kiriko, giving players a taste of what’s to come with the new free-to-play seasonal content format that Blizzard have undertaken.

The sequel to Overwatch has made many changes to the beloved hero shooter, including the move to a 5v5 format and the removal of some classic features that players would like to see return.

One of these features is the Lootboxes, which were removed in favor of a new in-game Store system, whereby players will need to purchase skins and bundles with Overwatch Coins, instead of the luck-based Lootboxes.

While Lootboxes are usually a controversial feature in games, it seems Overwatch 2 players are actually missing the feature, finding it harder and more pricey to get skins and cosmetics with the new system.

Many in the community are surprised and confused at the removal of Lootboxes in Overwatch 2, with a lot of players expressing their opinion on the matter through Reddit and Twitter. One user claims that they would much rather have Lootboxes over the new Battle Pass system.

Another player also aired their frustrations on Reddit, as user xgianz put a post up, asking: “Am i the only [one] Who wants lootboxes back?”

The player explains further, saying that the “game without lootboxes feels a bit empty. Like i’m playing for nothing. The Battlepass is not rewarding at all.”

The OP then finishes the post with “#bringbacklootboxes,” showing where their opinion lies in the debate. Having said that, there are some in the comments who feel the new system is “more benefitial (sic) and consumer friendly than lootboxes if done right,” but it seems OW2 has missed the mark.

Popular Apex Legends content creator Garret also weighed in on the situation, saying “I wish Overwatch kept lootboxes, the store system is arguably more predatory + I now have no way of getting skins without spending mula.”

Comparisons to Apex Legends were then made in the comments, with one comment saying “All you have to do is look at Apex, which has a battle pass and loot boxes. I would much prefer that.”

Overwatch 2 only released on October 4 and the game is in its first season, so it’s likely that a lot will change as the game goes through seasonal updates.

The next big update for the game will be the Wrath of the Bride Halloween event, and then Season 2, which looks to bring a new Tank Hero. Ultimately, we’ll have to wait for these future updates to see if anything changes, but Blizzard are communicating with the player base, recently sharing their thoughts on fixes and changes made in the October 13 patch.

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Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

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