How to change your Overwatch 2 name

Aakrit Sharma
Moira's Mythic skin in Overwatch 2 Season 9Blizzard

Overwatch 2 Season 9 is here with a plethora of balance changes and new content, and if you want to start things from scratch this time around, here’s how to change your Overwatch 2 name.

Overwatch 2 has been one of the most-played live-service games in 2024, continuing the glorious run initiated by Overwatch in 2016. Season 9 has been controversial due to major changes in Pharah’s kit and most importantly, the introduction of self-healing for all heroes, including Tanks and DPS.

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Live service games expect you to play them for years and during this time, it’s only natural to change your in-game alias time and again. While some players would want to have something based on their current favorite hero, others might want to simply add their squad/organization’s name in there to show their alliance.

On that note, here’s how to change your Overwatch 2 name on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

How to change your Overwatch 2 BattleTag


On PC, Overwatch 2 players can easily change their name/BattleTag by following these steps:

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  1. Head to the official website.
  2. Log into the account you use for playing OW2.
  3. Click on your profile name at the top right corner and select Account Settings.
  4. Select Account Details and scroll down to find BattleTag.
  5. Select the blue pencil icon stating Update.
  6. Enter the desired name (make sure it follows all guidelines and isn’t offensive) and after carefully double-checking it, click on the blue Change your BattleTag button.
Settings to change your Overwatch 2 nameBlizzard
Your name in Overwatch 2 is displayed to all teammates, friends, and competitors.

Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch

Even on consoles, Overwatch 2 runs through requiring you to link your console and accounts. As a result, your PlayStation, Switch, or Xbox GamerTag won’t be your OW2 name and to change it, you’ll need to head to the official website like PC users.

Be patient, as it might take up to 24 hours for your new Overwatch 2 to appear in-game.

How often can you change your name in Overwatch 2?

You can change your name in Overwatch 2 endlessly but it’s free only the first time. This applies to all Blizzard games and after changing your BattleTag for the first time, you’ll have to pay $10 for all other name-changing opportunities.

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