Treyarch breaks down the Sound Design of Zombies in new Declassified episode

Jeffrey Mizrahi

With Ancient Evil on its way, Treyarch is hyping players up with a special behind the scenes look on what goes into the sound design on the fan-favorite mode.

In the third episode of the ongoing “DECLASSIFIED” series, Treyarch sets the focus on the sounds that make up Call of Duty Zombies. From the groans of the undead to the iconic easter egg songs, Treyarch’s sounds team provides new insight on what makes everything click.

The teams talks about their experiences building the crowd cheers and boo’s in the map IX. Using some sound design magic, the team made 20 actors sound like a coliseum full of people.

Another unique aspect of the sound design in IX is that each player hears different audio. Because of the thumbs up/down system on the map, players will only hear the crowd cheering them on when they’re doing well, not if someone else is.

Watch the full video to learn more about how everything comes together to make a cohesive sounding map.

The first Declassified episode covered the development of Nuketown, while the second detailed gun ballistics in Black Ops 4.

Which Zombies map do you think have the best sound design? Are you a fan of the quieter maps like Nacht der Untoten, or the bombastic scores from a map like Blood of the Dead? Let us know in the comments below!

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