Solo Close Quarters Frenzy (PS4) & Solo Ambush (Xbox One/PC) Modes Live Now in Blackout for Black Ops 4

Jeffrey Mizrahi

Treyarch has just released new limited time modes for Blackout on PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

Following the addition of Close Quarters Frenzy and Ambush modes earlier this week, Treyarch has now added Solo variations of these modes. Previously they were only playable as a variation of Quads.

These versions actually replace the Quads version of Ambush and Close Quarters Frenzy, so those looking to team up this weekend will have to play regular Duos or Quads.

Close Quarters Frenzy features Submachine guns, Shotguns, and Pistols only as well as an increased collapse speed. Ambush is limited to Snipers, Pistols, Launchers, and Bowie Knifes and also features an increased collapse speed.

Also going on this weekend is a special Valentine’s Quad Feed, offering Double Weapon XP and XP in Zombies and Multiplayer, Double Nebullium Plasma in Zombies and Double Merits in Blackout. The Quad Feed ends 10AM PST Feb. 19. This date coincides with the release of a new Operation for Black Ops 4 as well.

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