MW3 on Gametrailers TV -“Mind the Gap” Mission, 1 Spec-Ops “Mission”, 1 Spec-Ops/MP Map


“Mind the Gap” Level

*EDIT: Part of video taken down, will update the post once embded video found again, for now check out the entire episode at: Gametrailers


What was shown:
-“Mind the Gap” Singleplayer campaign level set in London.
-2 All new Spec-Ops(Multiplayer) Maps.
-Interview with SledgeHammer Games Co-Founder Michael Condrey.
-Munition Earphones

-Taskforce 141’s Cpt. “SOAP” McTavish confirmed returning.
-MI6 Intercepted a message about a package, S.A.S. is sent in.
-Mission starts off in the underground (Subway), after a chase through the subway tracks, you work your way up to the streets of London.

Spec-Ops: Mission
-CO-Op “Mission” mode similar to MW2’s Co-Op mode.
-Mission mode will include “reversed” single player levels.
-Mission level shown: “Little Bros” -You and your partner are sperated and have to make it to the extraction point.

Spec-Ops: Survival
-New Spec-Ops(MP) map shown: “Bootleg” *which was on the Kotaku list of Leaked maps in May.


-SOURCE: Gametrailers via @ConK_SheLL