Modern Warfare 2 players slam devs for ‘lying’ about forgotten Weapon Vaults feature

Nathan Warby
Modern Warafre 2 Cinder Weapon Vault

Prior to the launch of Modern Warfare 2, players were excited by the idea of the new Weapon Vaults feature. But five months into MW2’s lifecycle only one has been released, leaving fans confused.

Modern Warfare 2 launched with several major innovations for the CoD series, as Infinity Ward tried to revamp the tried-and-tested formula fans were used to. This included new water physics to add an extra layer to multiplayer matches and a brand-new Gunsmith system.

This overhauled method of customizing weapons gave players access to dozens of attachments, which can then be further tuned to suit a specific playstyle.

However, over five months into Modern Warfare 2’s lifecycle, players have called one feature that seems to have forgotten about.

Reddit user ‘Educational_Fig_8459’ shared a post reminding players about the Weapon Vault feature that appeared heavily in the marketing prior to MW2‘s launch.

“Halfway through this game’s lifespan and one weapon vault. Touted as ‘the next generation’ of gunsmith. Thanks IW!” said the player. “Another lie and disappointment to add to the ever growing list.”

Weapon Vaults were supposed to expand on the Blueprint system, where every attachment had the same visual style. This would allow players to swap attachments without ruining the look of a Blueprint.

So far, the only Weapon Vault to appear in Modern Warfare 2 is the FJX Cinder, which was only available to those who bought the Vault Edition of the game. This caused fans to speculate why the feature has been “shelved.”

“They got our money for the vault edition and that was the end of them,” said one reply. “Lol that was just to finesse people into the Vault edition. Infinity Ward are straight snake oil salesman lol,” agreed another.

Others were confused as to why the devs seemingly abandoned the feature, feeling that players would have been interested enough to spend money on Weapon Vaults.

“It’s actually kind of weird they haven’t made more of them,” said one user. “I mean, they sell blueprints for way too much money. They probably could have charged like $50 for a vault.”

Some players joked that the FJX Cinder was the first even Weapon Vault, and that the devs just “forgot to mention it was also the last ever.”

Infinity Ward haven’t mentioned what their current plans are for Weapon Vaults or if they are still in development. We’ll have to wait and see if the feature returns in Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 or beyond.

Image credit: Activision