Infinity Ward Possibly Hiring a New Community Manager Soon


If you frequent MW3 YouTube channels, then chances are you heard of “Whiteboy7thst”. And according to him, he might be the next Infinity Ward Community Manager.

And in case you don’t know who he is, “Whiteboy7thst” is pretty big in the YouTube scene. He currently has 142,629 followers on Twitter and over 1,108,484 subscribers on YouTube. and earlier today he tweeted (and then deleted) that he should find out soon if he’s gonna be the next CM for Infinity Ward. Lately he’s been asking for a lot of fan feedback and also hinted that he might be meeting with Infinity Ward on Tuesday. Although if it’s true and he DOESN’T get it, it could mean that we’ll see Robert Bowling’s replacement sooner, rather than later…

And to anyone who thinks Call of Duty will no longer have “community managers”, Sledgehammer Games is currently looking for one..

SOURCE: @Whiteboy7thSt

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