How to obtain the Ray Gun Mark II in Blackout

Tommi Turunen

On February 21st, Treyarch hinted at something new “buried” and hidden with the Blackout experience. The hint came in the day’s patch notes which included a fix to the Drone Squad and the release of League Play.

“A New Secret Has Been Buried…

Speaking of which, we’ve heard reports of some experimental weaponry in the underground caverns of Ghost Town waiting for those who look closely enough…”

Naturally, this began a furious treasure hunt for the new secret. After some time, Reddit user Toukoberry found and obtained the Ray Gun Mark II. The weapon can be found “buried” within the new Ghost Town location in Blackout, the site of the Buried Zombies map.

The weapon functions just as it does within Zombies, firing rounds of energy blasts at enemies. Below, you can see the gun mounted onto a wall in Zombies style within the Ghost Town location in Blackout.

Youtuber “Glitch” has provided a simple and effective video on how to find the Ray Gun Mark II. He provides his viewers guides on all things Call of Duty Zombies so be sure to check out his other content as well. You can find him on Twitter at @Glitchalodon.

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