EA doesn’t expect Battlefield 3 to beat MW3


Back when Modern Warfare 3 was just a rumor, EA was already calling Battlefield 3 their “CoD Killer”. Once MW3 was announced it seemed like EA’s trash talking was kicked into overdrive. EA has since repeatedly said that “Battlefield 3 is designed to take down Modern Warfare 3 and that Call of Duty will be over in 2-3 years”.

Now, with a little over a month and half before BF3 and MW3 hit store shelves, their tone is quite different. When talking to investors and shareholders, EA’s CFO Eric Brown stated that they don’t expect Battlefield 3 to surpass Modern Warfare.

“Just to be clear, the [Call of Duty] franchise did about 23 million units worldwide. We don’t expect to surpass them with this year’s Battlefield 3, just to be very clear.”

According to BF3blog, no one really expected Battlefield 3 to beat Modern Warfare 3 in terms of units sold, but it will most certainly give MW3 a run for its money. Industry analysts expect Battlefield 3 sales to top 10 million, with BF3 pre-order numbers are already totaling 1.25 million. One thing is for sure, FPS fans are gonna have a great holiday season..