Charlie INTEL visits the new Infinity Ward Studios



Before you get too excited, let me tell you that everything we saw was classified. Im not even sure we can say that, what I can share is the fact that we were there and that the visit was amazing.

Photos of the studio don’t do it justice. Infinity Ward’s new place is high tech, brand new, and designed so that people don’t want to leave. Once you step off the elevator, the “mood lighting” let’s you know you’re somewhere special.

We had a chance to talk one on one with IW’s Mark Rubin, Tina Palacios , Candice Capen and along with a few other devs and we are now 100% confident that the studio is in good hands. Their passion for Call of Duty and it’s community is clear and they promised us that they will be VERY active with the community once their next project is announced…


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PHOTO CREDIT: @CharlieINTEL, @MP1st, @CODBlackIce, @WillyrexYT, @TmarTn, @MrErnestLe, @candyslexia