Black Ops 4’s Featured Black Market Blackjack’s Shop Items January 4

Jeffrey Mizrahi

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ‘Black Market’ has been updated for January 4 on PS4.

Every day at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST the Black Market cycles in new wares. Content includes gestures, outfits, and stickers, that players can buy with CoD points to use to decorate their in-game characters.

A recent fix has also gone out to fix the Excalibur skin. The issue was that after purchasing the outfit, players were unable to see it in personalization. Treyarch has issued this statement regarding the issue:

Update: The Epic Excalibur Battery (Knight Theme) should now appear in the personalization menus for use, after purchase.

Here are all the items available in the Black Market for January 4, including rarities and prices.

NOTE: The following items are for the PS4 Black Market only as Xbox One and PC have a different release schedule.


  • Excalibur (Battery Outfit) – Epic – 800 CoD Points


  • Sultana (Zero Outfit) – Epic – 800 CoD Points
  • Cherry Blossom (Weapon Camo) – Legendary – 300 CoD Points
  • Bubblegum (Battery Outfit) – Rare- 200 CoD Points


  • Projecting Rays – Tag – Common – 100 CoD Points
  • Vampire- Sticker – Common – 100 CoD Points


  • Crimson Lotus (Seraph Outfit) – Epic – 800 CoD Points

  • Sterling (Torque Outfit) – Epic – 800 CoD Points

Blackjack’s Shop usually contains three categories of items: Weekly Items, Twice-Weekly Items, Daily Items.

In addition to Blackjack’s Shop, the Black Market contains Special Orders, which are exclusive outfit and weapon bundles, that reset on a weekly basis. Special Orders differ from Blackjack’s Shop in that you need to rank up tiers to unlock the rewards after purchasing them, similar to the way Contraband works.

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