New Battlefield 6 leaks: Reveal trailer, gameplay, SBMM, more

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new battlefield 6 leaks

Prominent leaker and industry insider Tom Henderson has leaked a ton of new information surrounding Battlefield 2021, including the dynamic map system and its SBMM.

Battlefield 2021’s reveal is expected soon, and more and more information is being leaked about the latest title. We’ve heard that the ‘crash landing’ feature cut from Battlefield V may return, the game might launch on Xbox Game Pass, and might not feature a campaign.

The majority of these leaks have come from industry insider Tom Henderson, aka LongSensation. In a live stream on April 29, Henderson encouraged viewers to ask him questions relating to Battlefield 6 and answered their burning questions to the best of his knowledge.

Here is some of the most exciting and interesting leaked information from Tom Henderson’s live stream. As a note, no official channels have confirmed this information, so it’s possible it could change ahead of the game’s launch.

Battlefield 6’s reveal trailer

Battlefield V trailer

Although Tom Henderson has gone into great detail around Battlefield’s reveal, he said that the trailer he has seen might not be the reveal trailer that’s expected soon.

He described how the trailer’s graphics “look like a movie,” and that Battlefield 6 might be the best-looking game ever.

He believes the trailer does a good job of revealing the game, where we’ll see “the setting, the soldiers, the good graphics, the feature of the game, vehicles, guns, etc.” But, he warns that it might leave more questions than answers, such as how the storm featured in the trailer will work in-game.

Also, rather than something like Battlefield 1’s Seven Nation Army remix, the trailer Henderson reports he has seen will have its own music, moving into Battlefield 2021’s own theme at the end of the trailer.

Battlefield 6’s Levolution

Battlefield 4 levolution

Levolution was introduced in Battlefield 4, where large-scale events would occur midway through the game, changing the map. Henderson believes that Levolution will return in Battlefield 2021, but it won’t be a “gimmick,” and will be “more like a part of the core game.”

The dynamic weather system which has been leaked is believed to be a part of this Levolution. Natural disasters such as storms will occur mid-game which will alter the maps. Henderson also mentioned that maps will have a day and night cycle as well as dynamic weather.

Battlefield 6’s gameplay

As for gameplay, Henderson gave a few details on how we can expect the game to play. Call of Duty, especially Modern Warfare, has been praised for its fluid movement system. Henderson said that he’s always felt Battlefield’s movement has been clunky compared to CoD, but Battlefield 6’s movement will be more fluid.

Battlefield 4 campaign

Character models will look more futuristic than Battlefield 4, for example, with “face masks” and “Juggernaut suits” being common.

Battlefield V returned to four-man squads, much to the community’s disappointment. As far as Henderson is aware, four-man squads are expected to return in Battlefield 6. Also, the game’s time to kill is likely to be similar to Battlefield V’s.

Henderson is extremely confident that Battlefield 6 will be a successful game, and will even bring over many CoD players. He thinks that because CoD 2021 might be across both generations of consoles and Battlefield won’t, a free battle royale mode will be there to keep Battlefield’s player count up.

Battlefield’s battle royale

Although nothing has been confirmed about Battlefield releasing a battle royale game, Henderson said that everything he’s heard points towards the game featuring one.

Battlefield 5 Firestorm battle royale

Henderson also said that he doesn’t know the release date for Battlefield’s battle royale, but expects it to release around midway through next year as it’s unlikely that the Battlefield battle royale will arrive at launch. As for details such as lobby size, “it’s impossible to know at the moment.”

Henderson recently drew some images from the trailer he claims to have seen, and said in the live stream that he plans on doing some more drawings in the future.

Rather than drawing the trailer again, he said that he wants to do “something a little bit different, probably on battle royale.” So perhaps we’ll get a taste of Battlefield’s battle royale soon.

Battlefield 2021’s SBMM

Skill-based matchmaking has been a contentious issue in recent Call of Duty games. The better you play, the harder your lobbies will be, and much of the CoD community are frustrated with this level of SBMM.

Henderson said that we can expect a team-based skill-based matchmaking, similar to Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V. Henderson explained that, “You get into the server first, and then the game will decide which team you’ll end up in based on the teams and enemy’s K/D.”

If one team has an average kill to death ratio of 0.9 and the other 0.8, a 2.0 K/D player will be assigned to the lower K/D team for balance.

If this is true, expect players of all skill in your matches of Battlefield 2021, making it a much more casual experience.

Like all leaks, we should take this information with a grain of salt; Tom Henderson’s information could be out of date or simply incorrect. Until details are confirmed by official channels, Battlefield 2021 is still very much a mystery.

Image Credit: EA / Dice

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