NBA 2K24 could overtake Overwatch 2 as Steam’s worst-rated game

Aryan Singh
Kobe Bryant in NBA 2K242K Games

NBA 2K24 is here and fan reviews on Steam have been far from positive. The 2K Games release has attracted heaps of criticism, and it could even overtake Overwatch 2 as Steam’s worst-rated game.

NBA 2K24 went live on September 8 and the game already finds itself in hot waters. Fans have been berating the title for numerous reasons, with the situation on PC being especially dire. Among other things, the community has been critical of its badge regression system and a fresh set of strange glitches don’t help either.

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NBA 2K24‘s PC port, in particular, has been at the center of complaints from fans. The game’s PC version is missing various features present on its PS5 and Xbox Series X/S counterparts. It is technically the ‘old-gen version,’ and as a result, it doesn’t offer the same advanced graphics as the current-gen consoles. It also misses out on standard features such as Crossplay. The PC port is without the MyNBA mode, and players can’t even start any WNBA careers.

This has led to claims of mistreatment towards PC players, with fans voicing their complaints on Steam. One user stated, “2K DON’T CARE ABOUT PC, DO NOT BUY!” Another user commented, “This game is essentially the same as the previous title with no new features or any improvement at all.”

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NBA 2K24 page on Steam2K Games/ Valve
NBA 2K24 is one of the worst-rated games on Steam.

The influx of poor reviews has made NBA 2K24 the second-worst-rated game on Steam. Only 11% of the game’s reviews are positive, with its overall rating sitting at ‘overwhelmingly negative.’ The game could potentially overtake Overwatch 2 as the worst-rated game on Steam since the margin separating the two is a mere 1%.

With more fan reviews coming every day, it remains to be seen whether NBA 2K24 becomes the worst-rated game on Steam.

For more about NBA 2K24, you can check out all the new features of MyCAREER and MyTEAM modes.

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