Is NBA 2K24 coming to Nintendo Switch?

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2K Games announced that September 8 will be the release date for the new NBA 2K24. However, players are wondering if NBA 2K24 will be available on the Nintendo Switch. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

After the confirmation that there won’t be an early access period for NBA 2K24, fans are desperate for the September 8, 2023, release date to roll around. On September 8, players will be able to enjoy the new game of the 2K Games franchise and all the new features and changes coming with it.

In addition to explaining and detailing each of the new NBA 2K24 features, the devs revealed the platforms on which the game will be playable.

If you’re a Nintendo Switch player and still wondering whether you’ll be able to play the new NBA 2K24 on your console, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about it.

Will NBA 2K24 be available on Nintendo Switch?

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Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James is one of the highest-rated players in NBA 2K24.

As confirmed by 2K Games, NBA 2K24 will be available on the Nintendo Switch, so Nintendo console players can celebrate. When 2K Games announced all the details of NBA 2K24 as well as the new features, they also revealed the platforms on which this new installment of the NBA 2K franchise will arrive, which includes the Nintendo Switch.

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However, only the Kobe Bryant Edition and the Black Mamba Edition will arrive on the Nintendo Switch, as the 25th Anniversary Edition will be exclusive to next-gen consoles and PC.

Finally, the Kobe Bryant Edition price is $59.99/£59.99, while the Black Mamba Edition price is $99.99/£89.99.

Differences between NBA 2K24 Switch, Xbox & PlayStation versions

There are no feature differences between NBA 2K24’s console versions, each of them has the same game modes. However, the major visual difference is in each console’s graphics capabilities. The Nintendo Switch is far less powerful than the graphics engines that can run on next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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