How to change body type in NBA 2K24

Aryan Singh Arena in NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 MyCareer mode lets players create their own NBA superstars by using templates or by starting from scratch and creating builds. Picking the right body type is essential while working on your build, so here’s how to change it in NBA 2K24.

NBA 2K24 packs in all the modes fans expect from 2K Games’ basketball sim franchise, including MyCareer, MyTeam, The W, and more. As expected, the game has provided limited-time events and content like the ongoing Season 3 but the mode many fans find themselves returning to is MyCareer.

MyCareer lets players create their own NBA stars and lead them to glory. While winning championship rings is the obvious objective, players can also aim to become one of the GOATs. But before taking on that goal, it’s important to sort out your build and pick the right body type.

On that note, here’s how to change body type in NBA 2K24.

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant in NBA 2K24
To beat the greats, you’ll need to sort out the build of your NBA 2K24 MyPlayer.

NBA 2K24: How to change body type

To change body types in NBA 2K24, you must first unlock them. By default, your player will start with a lean and lanky build, and to unlock other body types, you’ll have to hit the Gatorade gym which can be found within The City.

Regularly exercising will reward you with stars and collecting them will unlock new body types. You’ll have to gather 50 stars to unlock the second body type, and 100 stars to unlock the third.

After unlocking new body types, follow these steps to equip them:

  1. Open the MyCareer menu.
  2. Switch to the ‘Appearance’ tab.
  3. Go to the ‘Head’ selection and hit Triangle or Y to edit ‘Head.’
  4. Scroll down to edit ‘Chest.’
  5. Pick the ‘Body Shape’ option and change body type.

That was how to change body type in NBA 2K24. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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