Where to find Diamonds in Minecraft

Anmol David
Diamonds displayed in item frames.

Diamonds are exceptionally important in Minecraft but can be hard to find as well. Here’s how you can find and use Diamonds in Minecraft.

Minecraft has several ores and metals that can be used to craft armor, weapons, tools, blocks, and other types of gear and items. Diamond, however, is the most useful of them all. While Netherite is still the strongest and most durable material to craft armor and tools within the game, Diamonds are a little more common.

Locating Diamonds in Minecraft’s vast sandbox world, however, can be a pain for veterans and new players alike. Over the years, the Minecraft community has come up with several ways to find more and more Diamonds. Even so, some players may have problems locating Diamonds, so here’s a guide to help them out.

Best level to find Diamonds in Minecraft

Deepslate diamond ore in a mineshaft.
Deepslate diamond ore is found on levels past Y=0.

Diamonds are located between Y levels 16 and -63 in Minecraft. While this technically includes Y level -64 as well, searching there would be impractical due to the fact that it is covered with bedrock, which cannot be mined.

Diamond is mined from Diamond ore, which keeps increasing in number as players descend into the Overworld dimension. As the lowest levels are often plagued with bedrock generation, Y level -58 is the best Diamond level in Minecraft.

The Minecraft 1.18 update made finding Diamonds easier by increasing cave sizes. The current cave design allows players to view a larger area, and therefore have access to more exposed diamond ore blocks. This, coupled with strip-mining in caves and using the Fortune enchantment, can maximize your chances of finding diamonds.

That’s everything you need to know to find diamonds in Minecraft. For more on the sandbox title, check out our guides below:

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