How to find Diamonds in Minecraft Legends

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Diamonds are one of the most important resources in Minecraft Legends as you can summon skeletons with them. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best ways to find Diamonds in Minecraft Legends that’ll help you in campaign and multiplayer.

It isn’t a surprise that Diamonds are quite valuable in Minecraft Legends. However, like the original sandbox game, you don’t need them to craft swords, bows, armor, or other tools.

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Instead, Minecraft Legends allows players to summon skeletons in their army through Diamonds. Skeletons are surprisingly the best ranged troop in the game and having them by your side is a huge advantage in any battle.

On that note, here’s how to unlock and collect Diamonds in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends multiplayer gameplay

How to unlock Diamonds in Minecraft Legends

You need to create an Improvement: Gather Diamond tower to be able to collect Diamonds in Minecraft Legends. Head to your base and make the Improvement Tower for Diamonds near the Well of Fate with 100 stone and 100 Prismarine.

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There are three warlords in Minecraft Legends and destroying their bases grants access to new forms of Improvement Towers like the one for Diamonds. Every Improvement Tower: Diamond lets you hold 150 Diamonds in your inventory and you can craft more towers to hold more Diamonds.

Where to find Diamonds in Minecraft Legends

You can find Diamonds in Minecraft Legends in two biomes – Jagged Peaks and Tundra. You can also get them from village chests but it is better to farm the item yourself by visiting these biomes.

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Jagged Peaks in Minecraft Legends are hard to climb but reaching the top will often reward you with Diamonds or some chests that contain them. On the flip side, it is much easier to come across a vein of Diamonds in the Tundra biome.

A single Diamond vein can have 30-40 Diamonds and unlike the original Minecraft, they spawn on the ground. Hence, if you’re searching in the right biome, finding some Diamonds to strengthen your army shouldn’t be a hassle.

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Minecraft Legends also has a dedicated multiplayer mode in which you can collect Diamonds and trouble your opponents with a skeleton army.

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