How to play Minecraft Dungeons: DLC, platforms, more

Joaquín Frere
Minecraft Dungeons title screen.

Minecraft Dungeons is one of the spin-offs from the hit block-based game, and there’s still a lot to do and see in the game after its 2020 release. So, here’s all you need to know about Minecraft Dungeons, including how to download it, Game Pass availability, and more.

Minecraft is one of the biggest sandbox adventures out there, and with many years of history, its players are always looking for new adventures in this world. From a narrative adventure spin-off game to the strategy-oriented Minecraft Legends, the block-based world has it all.

Minecraft Dungeons, another spin-off, was released in 2020, and it took all fans of Minecraft and RPG games by surprise, so here’s all you need to know about it.


What is Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons is an Action RPG game set in the world of Minecraft, where players create their own characters to battle the forces of the evil Arch-Illager. The game features solo play as well as co-op for up to four players.

The game has Diablo-esque gameplay with an isometric camera and tons of weapons and armor to loot and customize your characters. Each level in Minecraft Dungeons has a specific setting, but all maps, caves, and dungeons are randomly generated.

By leveling up and customizing their characters, players will fight monsters and Bosses and complete various Main and Side quests.

Minecraft Dungeons platforms

Minecraft Dungeons is available on PC via Windows and Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation systems, and the Xbox system and Cloud.

Players can obtain the Standard or the Ultimate Edition, which includes all DLC packs of Minecraft Dungeons on all the platforms stores.

Is Minecraft Dungeons available on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, the Standard version of Minecraft Dungeons is available on Xbox Game Pass, as well as on the Xbox Cloud service.

All Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can enjoy playing Minecraft Dungeons for free on both PC and Xbox systems.

All Minecraft Dungeons DLC packs

Minecraft Dungeons has six DLC packs, which include “new missions, mobs, gear, and more,” according to the official DLC website.

The Minecraft Dungeons DLC are:

  • Jungle Awakens
  • Creeping Winter
  • Howling Peaks
  • Flames of the Nether
  • Hidden Depths
  • Echoing Void
Minecraft Dungeons DLC.
The Minecraft Dungeons DLC includes tons of new adventures to play solo or coop.

To start any of the Minecraft Dungeons DLC, players will need to access the Island Realms button located south of the level select map.

Minecraft Dungeons: Seasonal Adventures explained

The Minecraft Dungeons Seasonal Adventures are exclusive timed events with a new progression system where players get new content rewards by collecting Adventure Points and leveling up Season tiers.

Some of these rewards include:

  • New cosmetics like caps, flairs, emojis, or pets
  • In-game currency like Emeralds or Gold.

David Nisshagen, executive producer of the game, has compiled a video with all the information on the Seasonal Adventures in Minecraft Dungeons, as well as what to expect in the future:

These events are completely free and don’t require the purchase of the Ultimate Edition or any of its DLC. But the Adventure Pass does include two different paths: A free track and a premium one, which can be purchased in the in-game store for $9.99 or the equivalent in your local currency.

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