How to make Glass in Minecraft

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glass blocks in Minecraft

Minecraft has elements that resemble the real world in the most fascinating way ever. One of the elements that has been in the game since its inception is the Glass block. Here’s a guide on how to make glass in Minecraft.

The Glass block has been in Minecraft ever since 2009 as a result of a random suggestion by the player community. Mojang took it quite literally and brought it upon themselves to deliver its player base the first transparent block in the game which actually looks quite premium.

Ever since then players have been finding new ways to make glass and use it in their creations on the island. It is regarded as one of the staples of all the elements in the game before it became as popular as it is today.

The glass blocks were later evolved into inventions like glass panes, color-stained glass, etc. that the community sought various uses for in their maps. Here’s how you can make glass and its several uses in Minecraft.

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How to make Glass in Minecraft

To craft Glass in Minecraft, you will need the following items:

  • 1 Sand Block
  • 1 Furnace
  • Any kind of Furnace Fuel source

Out of these, the easiest one is collecting Sand Blocks as they are mostly found near a water source and you do not need any special tools to break or gather them. Just simply keep on collecting the blocks by hand once you’re near it and you will have the blocks in your inventory.

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Now that you have the sand blocks, you will need to collect fuel for your furnace such as coal, charcoal, lava, wood, etc. The easiest for you to collect would be wood once you chop down trees or even coal that you can gather from caves.

Once you have all these items, the next step would require you to open the Furnace UI in-game. Then follow these steps to craft glass:

  1. Open the Furnace menu
  2. Put the Sand block on the top furnace slot and a furnace fuel (coal, wood etc.) in the bottom slot
  3. And you’re done!

Now that your glass block has been successfully crafted, you can drag it out of the furnace menu and store it in your inventory.

minecraft guide to crafting glass

What’s Glass used for in Minecraft?

Glass can be used like any other block in Minecraft and can be placed anywhere according to the player’s choice. However, it is most commonly used in buildings as window panes or walls where the player wants to see what’s going on outdoors.

If you place three blocks of glass in a V-shape on your crafting table, you’ll end up making three glass bottles that are required to brew potions. Surrounding a glass block with four amethyst shards will give you two pieces of tinted glass. These are glass blocks that are still transparent, but block out light.

Glass blocks can also be used to create items that might be vital in a player’s adventure. These items can range from beacons, searchlights, bottles, or even glass panes that one can use.

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One can use glass in many ways in Minecraft once they get creative to combine it with several elements from the world. However, breaking it down into several blocks would be a major task as it can only be done using a silk touch pickaxe.

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Image Credits: Mojang

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