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Fortnite Zero Build Arena LTM: Rewards, loot pool & end date

Fortnite players can hop into Zero Build Arena and earn free cosmetic rewards. Here’s everything you need to know about the LTM.



Fortnite Zero Build arena

Fortnite Chapter 3 introduced ‘Zero Build,’ a game mode where, unsurprisingly, you can’t build. After its roaring success, Epic has introduced Zero Build Arena for players who aren’t interested in cranking 90s. Here’s its rewards, loot pool, and end date.

Fortnite became a household name after its huge success in its early seasons, so it’s no surprise that it also has an active competitive community. There are a ton of cash prize tournaments in-game, but players need to advance in Arena, Fortnite’s ranked mode, to qualify.

Following the huge success of Fortnite’s Zero Build mode in Chapter 3, Epic Games have added Zero Build Arena for competitive players who prefer a more traditional third-person shooter feel.

Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Zero Build Arena, including the loot pool and rewards.

Fortnite Zero Build Arenas

What is Fortnite Zero Build Arena? Start & end date

Fortnite’s Zero Build Arena is almost identical to the regular Arena but with one key difference — you can’t build. Fortnite players will climb through the skill divisions by eliminating other players and placing high.

It went live for the first time on July 12 in Trios mode and will run until August 30, 2022. This should give players plenty of time to reach the higher Hype Divisions and earn the rewards on offer.

Fortnite Zero Build Arena loot pool

Shockwave grenades in Fortnite

Fortnite Zero Build’s Arena loot pool is almost identical to regular Arena, with weapons and other items being the same. However, there are plenty more mobility items to make up for the lack of building.

Players can find Shockwave Grenades and Port-A-Forts in Zero Build Arena, as well as the Heavy Sniper Rifle. The devs said they’ll keep an eye on the meta and may make adjustments.

Fortnite Zero Build Arena free rewards

Competitive Fortnite players who want to grind the Zero Build Arena can unlock three cosmetic rewards to show off their gaming prowess.

Fortnite players will unlock a new item for reaching 400 Hype, and then for reaching both the Contender League and Champion League.

Here are the Fortnite Zero Build Arena rewards:

  • Drippy Drift Spray – 400 Hype
  • GGG Emoticon – Contender League
  • GOATICON Emoticon – Champion League

If Zero Build Arena is a success, it’s possible that Epic Games will make the mode permanent in Fortnite, perhaps with different squad sizes.

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Image Credit: Epic Games