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How to solve Hogwarts Legacy door puzzles: Arithmancy puzzle door guide

Hogwarts Legacy tasks players with opening locked arithmancy puzzle doors, so here’s how to solve them every time.



hogwarts legacy character at arithmancy door

Hogwarts Legacy contains a ton of mysteries to discover in and around the castle, and some are locked behind puzzle doors with animal symbols. Here’s an easy way to solve Hogwarts Legacy’s Arithmancy door puzzles.

Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t just challenge players through combat when fighting trolls and dark wizards, but also through various puzzles you’ll encounter throughout your playthrough, such as the Merlin Trials.

One of the more tricky puzzles you’ll encounter are the Arithmancy puzzle doors, which can be tricky especially if you’ve just set foot in Hogwarts.

You’ll find several of these door puzzles around Hogwarts that are marked by creature symbols and numbers. These puzzles are easy to complete when you know how, so here’s where to find the door puzzle cheat sheet and how to use it to solve them.

Where to find Hogwarts Legacy door puzzle cheat sheet

You’ll be able to find a cheat sheet with all of the numbers that you need to complete these Hogwarts Legacy door puzzles, and it’s located outside of the Divination Classroom.

Head up to the rafters where the Divination Classroom Floo Flame is located, then take the first right and you’ll find the cheat sheet in a box beside a blackboard. This cheat sheet can be used for every single Arithmancy door puzzle, so it’s well worth finding.

How to solve Hogwarts Legacy door puzzles

To solve the Hogwarts Legacy door puzzles, you need to find the animal with the correct numerical value to add up to the sum in the middle. Above the door, players will see symbols of animals from left to right. In order from left to right, the animal symbols represent the numbers from 0 to 9.

For example, you can find a door with 1 + Spider + ? = 13, and you need to find the creature that corresponds to the question mark. The Spider is 8, so you need the animal symbol that corresponds to 4. Using the cheat sheet below, we know that Owl is the correct answer.

Hogwarts Legacy arithmancy puzzle door cheat sheet

Here’s the number connected to each creature for the Hogwarts Legacy door puzzles:

  • Demiguise: 0
  • Unicorn: 1
  • Dragon: 2
  • Hydra: 3
  • Owl: 4
  • Quintaped: 5
  • Salamander: 6
  • Octopus: 7
  • Spider: 8
  • Snake: 9

Simply change the corresponding question marks to the correct answers, and the door will open.

Hogwarts Legacy door puzzle rewards

For completing these Hogwarts Legacy puzzles and opening the locked door, you’ll receive gear that you can either wear or sell.

While you may not always get better gear than what you already have equipped, it’s definitely worth completing these puzzles whenever you see them in Hogwarts as they’ll give you some extra cash and apparel to wear which is always handy.

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