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How long is Hogwarts Legacy? Main story length & time to complete leaked

Hogwarts Legacy is full of magaical activites, but how long will it take to compelte the main story and all of its side objectives?



Hogwarts Legacy characters looking at flying creatures

Hogwarts Legacy is almost here to whisk players away on a magical journey through the Wizarding World, but how long will it take to see everything on offer? Here’s everything we know about the length of Hogwarts Legacy’s campaign.

Even so early in the new year, Hogwarts Legacy is already establishing itself as one of the biggest games of 2023. Despite the controversy surrounding it, millions of players are itching to pick their House, sit through classes, and track down fantastic beasts.

But with so much to see and so in Hogwarts Legacy, many players will be wondering just how long it takes to complete the game.

So, here’s everything you need to know about how long it takes to beat Hogwarts Legacy, both when it comes to the main story and side objectives.

How long to beat Hogwarts Legacy?

According to an art book that leaked ahead of release, Hogwarts Legacy’s main campaign will take around 35 hours to complete. That being said, those who want to tick off every side mission and collectible will have to put in closer to 70 hours to achieve a completionist run.

While developer Portkey Games haven’t shared any official details themselves, the leaked document was clear that these are the expected lengths depending on playstyle.

Hogwarts Legacy is expected to have plenty of optional objectives, such as House-specific quests, secret dungeons to complete, and bosses to fight.

The art book also mentioned puzzles left by the legendary wizard, Merlin, to solve around the Hogwarts campus and surrounding countryside. Players can look forward to around 100 to hunt down, so these alone could really increase your mileage in the game.

The length of Hogwarts Legacy will also vary depending on the difficulty you choose at the start and how quickly you master its deep combat system. Those looking to breeze through on the easiest setting will likely reach the finish line much sooner than anyone looking to challenge themselves on the hardest difficulty.

Ultimately, the number of hours you get from Hogwarts Legacy will depend on how you choose to play. If you’re here for the story then you could easily be in and out after a few days of gameplay, whereas completionists will have to invest much more time to reach 100%.

Rest assured, however, that no matter how you tackle Hogwarts Legacy, there’s plenty to discover for any aspiring wizard or witch.

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