Should you choose Stelle or Caelus in Honkai Star Rail?

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Stelle and Caelus in Honkai Star RailHoYoverse

Near the start of Honkai Star Rail, Kafka and Silver Wolf will locate the Stellaron, leading to you having to make a difficult decision: will you opt for Stelle or Caelus as your Receptacle? We’ll go over the consequences of this choice.

Honkai Star Rail features a vast open world filled with opponents, treasures, and Quests for players to tackle as they recruit various playable characters that are locked behind a gacha system to join their team in this adventure.

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Throughout the game, you’ll have to make choices that impact the way the story plays out, and after you get through the initial tutorial, you’re asked to choose between Caelus or Stelle. If you’re wondering what impact this decision has on your gameplay experience then we’ve got the answer.

Should you choose Caelus or Stelle in Honkai: Star Rail?

In the end, it does not matter whether you choose Caelus or Stelle to be your Receptacle in Honkai: Star Rail. Both of them possess the same abilities and characteristics, with their gender being the only distinguishing factor.

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As a result, your gameplay experience will not be significantly impacted by who you choose between the duo to be your Receptacle. The best choice is to go with your own preference at this point in the Honkai Star Rail campaign.

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Caelus and Stelle in Honkai Star RailHoYoverse
You’ll have to pick either Caelus or Stelle early in the Honkai Star Rail story.

The Honkai Star Rail developers are also responsible for making Genshin Impact, where players had to choose one of the twins, Aether and Lumine. Aether was an excellent climber and runner while Lumine’s swimming and damage were superior.

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However, since Caelus and Stelle are extremely similar to one another, there will not be as much of a difference in your Honkai Star Rail experience as there was when you picked between the twins in Genshin Impact.

Despite this, it’s worth keeping in mind that even though these two characters share identical profiles and stats, your choice is irreversible. So, if you really want to avoid regretting your choice, you should deliberate carefully before making your decision.

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