Will there be Hogwarts Legacy DLC?

Nathan Warby
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Hogwarts Legacy players are beginning to roll the credits on the game’s story, but many will be wondering if there’s even more to come as post-launch DLC. Here’s everything we know about Hogwarts Legacy DLC.

Hogwarts Legacy is finally here, and it’s already established itself as one of 2023’s biggest games after an incredibly successful launch. Players have wasted no time picking their house before exploring the vast open world and seeing everything it has to offer.

But as Potter fans start to reach the end of the main story, the question of post-launch DLC or expansions has started to emerge.

So, are there any plans for Hogwarts Legacy DLC? We’ve provided a breakdown of everything know so far below.

Is Hogwarts Legacy getting DLC?

Hogwarts Legacy player flying Hippogriff
Hogwarts Legacy’s world is full of secrets, but players want even more through DLC.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no news on any potential Hogwarts Legacy DLC. Developers Avalanche Software haven’t outlined any of their post-launch support plans, but there have been hints that DLC will arrive eventually.

Before Hogwarts Legacy hit shelves, a sizeable leak revealed that the game’s map was actually cut down in size by around a quarter. However, large areas like the Highlands or Swamps are still present in the files, but cannot be accessed in-game right now.

The leaker claimed that these sections could be made into DLC if Hogwarts Legacy delivers when it comes to sales. Whether not this would be a continuation of the main campaign or a new side story remains to be seen.


Fans have also been hoping that playable Quidditch would be added as Hogwarts Legacy DLC, after the iconic sport was noticeably missing from the base game. While broom flight is a key part of traversing the map, players want to see the feature expanded into its own mini-game.

Of course, this is all just speculation until Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. officially reveal Hogwarts Legacy DLC is in the works. But given the incredible popularity of the game at launch, fans can remain hopeful that there are more magical adventures still to come.

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