What are Hunters in Helldivers 2? Location & how to kill

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Helldivers 2 is all about exciting combat and exploration as thousands of players are getting into the game on a daily basis. Here’s what Hunters are, and how to find and kill them in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 has been a massive hit among shooter fans as the loop of killing aliens and fighting for your planet has struck a chord with many. From taking on powerful factions to choosing your ideal loadout for combat, Helldivers 2 comprises everything shooter fans have wanted.

Helldivers 2 offers an array of various missions and activities to indulge in and take on a bunch of enemies. Hunters are some of the most annoying enemies among all factions and killing them can be quite satisfactory in the game.

Here’s what Hunters are in Helldivers 2 and how to locate them.

What are Hunters in Helldivers 2?

Hunters are large bug-like creatures in Helldivers 2 that are orange and white in color. As mentioned earlier, you must be ready to take an entire pack as they tend to fight in groups rather than solo.

Even though these bugs are not extremely powerful with a large health pool, their prime strength lies elsewhere. They attack in large numbers and their fast pace makes up for the lack of HP in Helldivers 2, and we recommend keeping some distance and using an anti-infantry weapon to take on this fight.

Helldivers 2 Hunter kill
Hunters have a low HP pool in Helldivers 2.

Where to find Hunters in Helldivers 2?

Hunters are a part of the Terminid Faction, located on the eastern side of the galactic map in Helldivers 2. Head over to this area and choose any planet from the orange area to land on. Once you have landed on one of the planets, you should be able to spot these bugs soon enough.

Although you should not have many issues finding Hunters in these regions, heading over to any bug nest or looking out for an enemy patrol is always the key to locating them quickly.

How to kill Hunters in Helldivers 2

Hunters in Helldivers 2 can easily be killed with anti-infantry weapons like the Beaker or specific Stratagems. If you do not have the Beaker yet, grab some AoE Stratagems to deal damage over a large area, taking out multiple Hunters at a time.

Keep in mind that Hunters have no armor to take care of so powerful weapons like the Beaker can possibly one-shot them on Medium difficulty. This was everything you had to know about Hunters in Helldivers 2 and how to find them in the game.

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