Halo Infinite players slam “free” Fracture: Tenrai event

Halo Infinite samurai armor with logo

The first Halo Infinite multiplayer event – Fracture: Tenrai – is now live for players to enjoy. But fans aren’t happy with the way it forces fans to unlock its new samurai-themed cosmetics.

Season 1 of Halo Infinite’s free-to-play Multiplayer is here, and it’s going down well with long-time Halo fans. For many, this is the best the series has been in a long time.

But that isn’t to say that the latest installment in the historic shooter franchise hasn’t come with a few issues. The way progression works and the monetization of armor sets, in particular, has upset fans.

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Unfortunately, the start of Halo Infinite’s first free event, Fracture: Tenrai, has only added to fans’ frustrations.

Halo Infinite Samurai armor

Reddit user VolkerA4 posted claiming he was “done” with Halo Infinite after seeing the structure of the Fracture: Tenrai event. They also accused 343 Industries of not making the event truly “free.”

The new mini-Battle Pass features plenty of free unlocks, including the Yoroi armor that has dominated the marketing. However, the pass is broken up so that you can’t complete all 30 tiers in the first week – instead, it will be gradually rolled out over many months.

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There are other pieces of armors, many of which fans feel are nicer than those on the Battle Pass, that are circulating on the store. These cost around $20 for a full set or broken up into individual pieces for $5 to $10.

Fans feel that this new event is strong-arming people into buying the cosmetics on the store. “The cosmetic system and progression need to change, it’s predatory and disgusting,” said one fan.

Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai event armor

For many players, this seems to have been the final straw. Many have said they will be returning to the ‘more rewarding’ Master Chief Collection until Halo Infinite’s progression changes.

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“I can play Infinite for 50 hours and get 4 pieces of armor from different armor sets and a primary color, said one player. “In that same time in MCC, I’d have 10 different armor sets and a dozen weapon skins.”

This approach is likely a result of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer going free-to-play, rather than being part of a paid game. But players will be hoping for big changes so that it can live up to the fun gameplay they have enjoyed so far.

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Image credits: 343 Industries