MW3 players roast “ugly” Dune skin that costs $40 to unlock

Nathan Warby
Paul Atreides Dune skin in MW3

Modern Warfare 3’s crossover with Dune continues in Season 2 Reloaded, but players have been left furious over a Paul Atreides skin they’ll need to spend $40 to unlock.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Reloaded is here and it’s continuing the game’s streak of major collaborations, following The Walking Dead at the start of the season. Players have a Warhammer 40K crossover to look forward to, alongside even more Dune content.

The Rule of Fate event got underway when the midseason update went live, bringing another batch of free rewards inspired by Dune: Part Two. As you’d expect, this also meant more bundles on the in-game store becoming available for purchase.

However, MW3 players have taken issue with one skin in particular, as it costs them a total of $40 to unlock.

Reddit user ‘masonalex66’ shared an image of the Paul Atreides Fedaykin Stealthsuit skin, saying: “I abhor the fact that you have to spend 4,800 COD Point to unlock this skin.”

The OP was referring to the fact that you need to own both the Harkonnen Tracer Pack that arrived in Season 2 Reloaded, as well as the regular Paul Atreides bundle from MW2. Both cost 2,400 CoD Points each, which means it costs a total of $40 to secure the pair.

But, Modern Warfare 3 players clearly feel that the skin isn’t worth the hefty cost, especially considering its fairly basic design, which they feel is less appealing than the regular skins.

“Because this bland ass ugly skin is worth using even if it was free,” said one reply, while another added: “Funny thing is I feel like the base Paul Atreides looks much better anyways.”

Meanwhile, others called out Activision for forcing them to purchase two full bundles to unlock the skin, arguing that it should have been included already.

“This should not be a thing or at the very least come with the Paul Atreides Bundle,” said a disgruntled player. “This skin really does look mid at BEST. Honestly all the Dune skins look bland.”

Although the two bundles were released months apart, players are clearly unhappy with bonus skins being locked behind two different purchases. Only time will tell if this becomes a more common theme as we head towards MW3 Season 3.

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