GTA Online Chop Shop update: How to get Battle Rifle

Franco Diaz
New Battle Rifle in GTA Online's Gun Van

The Chop Shop update added plenty of new features to GTA Online, but the new Battle Rifle stands out. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get this new weapon in GTA Online

The new GTA Online Chop Shop update introduced a lot of new features, including a new business from GTA 4’s Yusuf Amir, new races, vehicles, and the introduction of animals to the popular online mode.

Additionally, Rockstar added a new weapon to the current GTA Online roster, the Battle Rifle. This is the first weapon added since June 2023, when devs revealed the Tactical SMG.

However, it can’t be found by heading to the nearest Ammu-Nation to buy it or completing a quest. Here’s how to get the new Battle Rifle in GTA Online.

Where to buy the Battle Rifle in GTA Online

To get the new Battle Rifle in GTA Online’s Chop Shop update, you need to head to the Gun Van. The new Battle Rifle costs $358,200 and has 12 upgrades to add, including a suppressor, extended magazine, livery, and more.

Gun Van in GTA Online
GTA Online’s Gun Van location changes daily.

If you don’t know where to find the Gun Van, you should take your time as it rotates daily. To locate it, we recommend hopping on your Oppressor MK II or any other flying vehicle and flying near Los Santos’ buildings until the Gun Van icon appears on the radar.

Finally, it’s important to note that the rotation of weapons sold by the Gun Van changes every week. If you can’t buy the Battle Rifle this week, you may have to wait for several updates to have another chance to acquire the new Battle Rifle in GTA Online.

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