How to get Nightshark in GTA Online: Where to buy, price, more

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Nightshark in GTA Online

The HVY Nightshark is one of the best armored cars in GTA Online, so here’s how you can add it to your collection.

Los Santos in GTA Online isn’t the safest of places to cruise around in as you’re more than likely to find yourself in the path of a Homing Missile or a well-placed sticky bomb. If you want to drive through the city without fearing the worst, the HVY Nightshark is the car for you.

The off-road vehicle is packed with a ton of armor, allowing it to take plenty of damage before exploding. All the added protection doesn’t come at the cost of maneuverability either, making it a versatile ride. With this in mind, here’s how you can get the Nightshark in GTA Online.

GTA Online: Where to buy Nightshark & price

You can get the Nightshark in GTA Online by purchasing it for $1,245,000 from Warstock Cache & Carry. After buying it, you can store the car in any Garage or Property you own as a Personal Vehicle.

The car was introduced in GTA Online back in 2017 during the Nightshark Week event.

Nightshark top speed & features in GTA Online

Nightshark GTA Online
The base Nightshark does not come with bullet-proof windows.

The HVY Nightshark has a top speed of 104 mph in GTA Online. When fully upgraded, the top speed is bumped up to 168 mph. In regards to armor, a fully upgraded Nightshark can withstand up to 26 Homing Missiles, 8 RPGs, and 9 sticky bombs.

As for weaponry, the Nightshark comes with four retractable machine guns placed in the front bumper.

Is the Nightshark worth it in GTA Online?

Yes, the HVY Nightshark is worth it in GTA Online. The vehicle offers ample protection to keep you secure while driving around the city, and its maneuverability makes it a solid pick for heists and similar activities.

The car’s primary competition, the Insurgent, costs significantly less at just $675,000. But it is lacking in almost every department when compared to the Nightshark. This reason alone makes the armored vehicle worth the investment.

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